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Corporate Programs

ACE Forum is a talent connect service. Seminars and workshops may be set up on site or at the client’s location. Language and cultural inductions, staff training and support for Asia and China target businesses are just some of the bread and butter of today’s global economy and the very business of ACE Forum.

Chinese Translations

We specialize in Chinese written translation and interpreting. At ACE Forum you will talk to a native speaker the first time you call. You will work directly and closely with our team of Chinese culture brokers cum seasoned New Yorkers whose business is to make sure that the right script or dialect is delivered, the exact content expressed, the proper form and format observed and all these with full time in-house proofing and auditing of your project every step of the way. Specifically we offer:

  • Written Translation – charged per word based on volume/technicality
  • Oral Interpreters – on-site or over-the-phone in all major dialects
  • Event Planning – promo & publicity, bilingual hosting, Chinese-theme entertainment
  • Consultation – full package support for business interest in China & Southeast Asia

Chinese Translations

Getting Started?
E-mail directly your project details and time-line to our program director Julie Tay who will provide all prep-work consultation in response and absolutely free of charge. Email: Julie Tay, All-Chinese Consulting

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