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Summer Study in China

Immersion Field Trip in China will be in Beijing/Henan this year! Under the auspices of Huayun US-China Exchange in collaboration with AiCenter, this is a 4 week summer trip to north-Central China and open to mixed ages of students (12 years to adult) in Chinese language and arts.  Hosted by the Henan Arts Institute (Zhengzhou City) and Chinese Tong, Inc. (subsidiary of Beijing University) students will  combine daily lessons in Mandarin Chinese with a structured elective program in Chinese music, theater, art or kungfu. Students will homestay amongst local families and participate in the everyday life of China. Not quite the typical tourist trip, this program offers immersion in all aspects of Chinese culture through performances, language partnering, games, sports and socializing in the rhythm of real-life China. Jul 14 through Aug 10. Application Deadline: Jun 1st. Tuition (including room & board): $2900. Call the Center for details at 212-431-7373. Or look for our online posting under “Study in China”  in Classroom/Store.

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