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Home of Mencius Society for the Arts, this cosy one-room (650 square feet) space is on the 2nd Floor of the AiCenter building and comes equipped with a sound system, video and audio players and a widescreen TV, stage and lighting & full kitchen amenities good enough for our regular musical cafes and small scale parties. Mencius Studio is our in-house room for rehearsals, seminars and workshops and has the distinction of being to date the only live folk music venue in New York’s Chinatown. (See “News & Events” for our regular schedule of performances & workshops.) Aside from our regular dance, kungfu, calligraphy and cooking classes, Mencius Studio is available to rent for parties or conferences.

To view or book this studio, you may call or e-mail for an appointment or simply come to one of our in-house events. 212-431-7373;

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