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This page shows only a sampling of our past programs.  Please visit ACE Bulletin for full details of our  upcoming courses and events; you could sign up for most things instantly as you browse but feel free to call or write us any time with questions.

Cantonese Talk & Taste, Thu Apr 10

This is an afternoon of light hearted introduction to “swing” Cantonese around the food theme courtesy of Mencius Society for the Arts! With Prof K.K. Chui (NYU Asian Studies Department, cultural anthropologist Julie Tay & down home ABC Chef of Hip Hop Chow Eric Kwan, participants will explore the gusto and humor of Cantonese culture with focus on taste, texture & smell. Admission is Free. Apri 10, Thu 3:30-4:30P. For reservations, visit “Arts & Culture” at ACE Bulletin.

Nonya Food Talk & Taste – Apr 26th

Come explore with Singaporean practical anthropologist Julie Tay the unique flavors & ways of her native Peranakan/Nonya Chinese culture (drawing on inter-mingling w/polynesian elements). This afternoon offers a discussive window into the unique culture & spices of post colonial Singapore-Malaysia along chewing on S.E. Asian snacks & pithy slang from a mixture of Chinese dialects & Malay. (Admission: $38.00. Minimum 3 to start.) For reservation call 212-431-7373 or visit “Arts & Culture at our online Classroom/Store.

Chinese Writing for Health! – May 11th

In line with a culture that can turn written characters into an altar of worship, this seminar session demonstrates the direct nourishment of the Chinese brush to body and mind. Come survey what Chinese calligraphy is all about from the flickering of your fingers to the flow of the character finally resting in the satisfaction of  balance and quiet deliberation. Participants can learn to write their heart-felt wishes and come away energized in a new state of mindfulness. No prior knowledge of Chinese required. For details, visit “Arts & Culture” at our online Classroom/Store.


As part of AiCenter’s 6th (Wossing’s 19th) anniversary celebration, we are honored to present Grace Young and her latest cookbook STIR-FRYING TO THE SKY’S EDGE.  Over the years, author and Chinese food expert Young (also a life time Cantonese student) has given this center’s boundless support and inspiration; this June 6th, we will get together to eat something, learn something, and especially share in her fresh insights and the newest trends on one of the oldest of Chinese culinery styles. This is an invitation event but also open to the public by reservation. Please apply by e-mail to or call 212-73737.

ACE Forum sends teachers to China

As of September, students at ACE may apply to a new training/orientation program designed to prepare for a teaching stint in Hebei China. In partnership with selected schools in China, ACE Forum will offer an ESL and primary-secondary school preparatory program for students in China starting Jan 2010. This program will provide general English as a Second Language courses as well as high school and junior college equivalency courses to Chinese students bound for study in Singapore and the United States.

Summer Study in China

Immersion Field Trip in China will be in Beijing/Henan this year! Under the auspices of Huayun US-China Exchange in collaboration with AiCenter, this is a 4 week summer trip to north-Central China and open to mixed ages of students (12 years to adult) in Chinese language and arts.  Hosted by the Henan Arts Institute (Zhengzhou City) and Chinese Tong, Inc. (subsidiary of Beijing University) students will  combine daily lessons in Mandarin Chinese with a structured elective program in Chinese music, theater, art or kungfu. Students will homestay amongst local families and participate in the everyday life of China. Not quite the typical tourist trip, this program offers immersion in all aspects of Chinese culture through performances, language partnering, games, sports and socializing in the rhythm of real-life China. Jul 14 through Aug 10. Application Deadline: Jun 1st. Tuition (including room & board): $2900. Call the Center for details at 212-431-7373. Or look for our online posting under “Study in China”  in Classroom/Store.

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