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About Us

ACE FORUM, Inc. is a reincarnation of the better known Wossing Center for Chinese and Wossing Learning Center, “Wossing” (pronounced like  the “o” in “lore”) for “Harmonious Stars” in Cantonese. ACE stands for Asian Cultural Exchange and was thus named plainly but firmly to mark our global identity and a new era of All-Change and Excellence  in the light of Obama’s election as President of the United States.The Wossing Center was first established in 1991 when New York Chinatown was still quite an enclave unto itself populated strictly by Cantonese people with generations that traced back to the days of the railroads. Back then, Mandarin was hardly even heard since it was almost impossible for northern Chinese without birth or marital ties to ever dream of visiting the United States. Today, Chinese people of all dialects from different provinces of China end up in New York; and it is these people with their dreams, labor and lucrative ideas who now re-energize Chinatown, fostering lively connections between the old country and America, and the rest of the world. Amidst the old and the new and in its own constant evolution, ACE is at once a New York institution and a Gateway to China and Asia, an open forum for bridging and learning and a dynamic resource advancing and tapping the best of American and Asian civilizations. Ace Forum draws on the new and ever complex connections of our time and seeks to clear the way for a more loving and compassionate world.

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